Dear internet visitor,

I am happy to welcome you on my web page. Painter, illustrator, researcher and educator, I hold an Undergraduate degree in Product design and a Master degree in Cultural anthropology. Most of my research involves observing objects and physical environments, to question possible social futures in uncertain situations. I am a co-founder and member of the collective Cleaning up after Gropius which explores the blurred boundaries between anthropological research methods, art and design. I have worked with researchers, artists, practitioners and also with people in migration and diverse communities in the UK, in Switzerland and abroad. Currently, I teach at Eracom, and I give a short course at Head-Geneva and at the Master Innokick. I also collaborate on a research project about the repair of technology with the University of Luxembourg.

I am always happy to share and extend my skills and know-how for the development of projects I believe in. For further information, collaboration or any type of request please feel free to get in touch.